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Do you have a small crafty business, but don't want to invest in a brick & mortar store? Rent a small kiosk space in the lobby of the Fiddler's Green shops in Simsbury instead!


Three high-visibility spaces are available to rent by the month. Choose the days and times you'd like to sit and sell your items, then leave marketing materials on your table for passersby to pick up when you're not there.

Kiosk Locations

Fiddlers lobby 1 mockup-2.jpg
23' x 5'  (115 s.f.)

Located just inside the main lobby entrance, on the left.

This long, thin space is perfect for two long, narrow tables set end to end, with a chair at the front edge for the person greeting shoppers.  Fill the space any way you like.

(Note: This photo is a sample mock-up)


8' x 5' (40 s.f.)

Located in a cozy nook just opposite the entrance of the Sew Inspired quilt shop.  The stairs lead to the entrance of the former McLadden's restaurant, slated to reopen this summer with a new theme. 

This highly-visible spot is a very affordable option for an author or a crafter with a small inventory. 

(Note: This photo is a sample mock-up)


Fiddlers lobby 2 mockup.jpg
Fiddlers lobby 3 mockup.jpg
8.5' x 7.5' (41 s.f.)

Located at the back of the lobby, just opposite the stairs that lead to Joe Pizza and The Coffee Spot.  Quilters pass this location on their way to the Sew Inspired workshop and classroom space on the lower floor. 

This square space works well for two tables arranged in an L-shape.  Plenty of wall space for shelves, and a chair can be positioned at the right, next to the antique hutch (out of the frame of this photo). 

(Note: This photo is a sample mock-up)


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